God Outside the Church

God’s Presence *Outside* The Church

At least 10 different nations were represented as people were enjoying worship music to Jesus at our outdoor church. Most in the audience doubt the existence of God. Most also have never been to a church BUT were enjoying the Presence of God through song.

A 25 year old woman from Lithuania named Agnus said to me – “What is this? It really makes me feel so much better…I am so glad I stopped. I said, “We are a church and we are singing to Jesus.” She replied, “What is church? Is it a club or organization? What is church?

“I believe in a force, a power within”, Agnus replied. “You call it Jesus, others have a different name.”

At that point I asked, “Can I pray for you?”

Agnus said, “I don’t know…what will it be like, what will happen?”

Smiling cautiously she opened her heart as I connected with Christ Risen…touching this precious girl with the Power of God all the way from Lithuania. Her head lifted with a huge smile and an awe that ‘something’ had happened. This occurred over and over again as 23 amazing people from Victory Christian Center came for a 10 day period and made an impact in Edinburgh!

Note: We were worshipping outside on Hunters Square where the historic Tron Church – built in 1641 – still stands. During the month of August a bar occupies the building and live burlesque dancers (notice the banner beginning of video) performed nightly. However, we were lifting up His Praise & Presence! Thank you again for sending us here to really touch Nations!

Encounter In the Streets


“Many lives were touched as we exalted the name of Jesus here in Edinburgh.”

What an Amazing Day. It has been rainy for 2 weeks without much sunshine. However, on Saturday we had beautiful sunshine for the 3 hours we performed. The rain came once finished. Thank you for sending us here.

Without your support – today would not have happened.
Joanie singing, David on the bongos, Caleb on the drums. I could not be more proud.


Also, check out some great footage of performers on the Royal Mile, and the beautiful city here:


and here:

Thank you for all you do for us! To God be the Glory!

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Cold Lemonade, Warm Hearts

Kids who sold lemonade as fundraiserIt was Friday, 82 degrees here in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina when David and two friends came bursting through the door with a red bag full of money from selling lemonade for our ministry, GOD ENCOUNTER.

These three kids worked hard (and with heart) for $34.25 in lemonade stand sales. We were amazed and touched by the spontaneous love shown to us by Mary Lide, David and Rosie. Thanks so much guys!

For the last few weeks we have been here in South Carolina where many, many people have
been open and received the supernatural power of God. We have many stories to share with you
in the days ahead. We plan to include stories and up to date progress
of our ministry here on the website.

Thank you for praying for us, partnering with us and believing in us. We will be flying to Edinburgh,
Scotland within the next ten days.

Brain Lesion Gone!

Pastor relates story about how woman received healing prayer that was verified by medical examination.

Duggar Family in Scotland

19 Kids in Edinburgh

Have you ever watched this show?  I must admit I have only seen bits of it on 2 different occasions  however I watched the ENTIRE episode recently.  The Duggar Family (19 Kids and Counting) traveled to Scotland.  It was so great to see our city and all of the sites, streets and people we see everyday.

Jarrett Family in Edinburgh

We will be traveling soon back to Edinburgh as well however our journey will be a little different than the Duggar Family.  With only 2 kids going back with us, we leave Luke here in the USA attending VSOM School in Youngstown, Ohio.  As Missionaries, we are used to saying “goodbye” and “hello”.

You would think that it becomes easier over time but to be honest, it really doesn’t.  Setting up house again, getting settled into schools, finding a home to live in, etc…are all part of the cost AND joy of being a ‘sent one’ for our Lord.  His words to us in Mark chapter 10 bring comfort to those of us honored to carry this calling: Jesus said, “I can guarantee this truth: Anyone who gave up his home, brothers, sisters, mother, father, children, or fields because of me and the Good News will certainly receive a hundred times as much here in this life. They will certainly receive homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields, along with persecutions. But in the world to come they will receive eternal life.”

Thank You for keeping us in your prayers this Holiday Season as we prepare to return to Scotland.  As the Holy Spirit touches your heart, thank you for becoming one of our partners in this work.

Freed from Panic and Perfectionism

YouTube Preview Image

Jennine suffered with panic attacks for 10 years which robbed her of sleep most nights. A school teacher, married for 12 years with three kids, she had a wonderful ‘God Encounter at one of the services we held here in the USA as Joanie prayed for her. Thanks again for partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of real, everyday people. Enjoy and be Blessed!

Video: Scotland and God Over Time

Be inspired as you learn about Scotland and how God has worked through its people over the centuries.

Jolt from God Smokes Addiction

YouTube Preview Image

Sometimes God does things you don’t expect. This is one of those times.

We were ministering as guest speakers in a church in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the end of the service, we were praying for people. I noticed in the back a couple watching.

I could tell that God was moving in the man’s heart. I asked if I could pray for him.

As I began to pray, the power of God hit him. His body physically jolted like a bolt of electricity went through him. His whole body shook for about three seconds.

Then I felt a coldness in my heart come over me and I stopped praying. I waited to listen what God was telling me. God told me that he was having trouble with smoking cigarettes and wanted to quit. I looked at him and said, “you want to stop smoking cigarettes, don’t you?”

He said, “I do.”

I had him say a couple of prayers asking for Jesus to set him free of this, which he did.

I prayed for him again. And his body shook again like he was hit with a volt of electricity. Then, he spoke was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in his heavenly language.

Following that, he asked if I would pray for his wife. She was taking over 70 hydrocodeine tablets a day, which is an incredible amount of amphetamines.

We prayed for her and she rededicated her life to Christ. We broke the power of this addiction that had been troubling her for years.

They are a wonderful couple that were set free by a genuine God encounter. Today, both of them serve in the church by helping in the soup kitchen.

God touched their lives and the impact is lasting.

Amazed About God’s Interest

YouTube Preview Image

Talking with people on the street

Two teenagers who did not believe in God’s existence were astounded by a “God thought” concerning the future direction of their lives. So much so, they wanted to receive prayer.

God Encounter, Ends in Good Tears

YouTube Preview Image

During street church in Edinburgh, Scotland, a group of tough guys (and me) experienced a God encounter together.

Coming off the outdoor stage, I walked over to the six young men and introduced myself.

The leader was very vocal. He said, “you know, I am going to hell.” He went on to say, “there is no literal hell” and tried to go down the road of being an atheist. He was very nervous and worried about his life. As I listened, I suddenly began to understand that these kids were lost and lonely.

I explained to them what the Bible said. I told them “anything can be forgiven. Anything you want to talk to the Lord about, he is available.”

Inspiration from God

Then, I had this inspirational God thought come to me.

I asked them “have you ever felt the love of God in your life? Ever?

“No” was the answer across the board.

Then I felt the love of God rise up in my heart. I asked one of the boys, “do you want a hug”? He looked uncomfortable with his friends staring back at him, but then said, “alright, yeah.”

So I put my arms around him and held him like I would one of my own boys.

Then, I went to the next boy. “Do you want a hug?” He said, “yes.” So I hugged him. And I went on down the line. Each boy getting a hug. Smiling, like a mom, I put my hand on one kid’s hair, like I would do my own kids and said, “you need a haircut.” With each lonely kid I held, this was not my love. It was God’s love visibly and tangibly pouring out of me.

Finally, I got to the leader. He said,”I’ll have one of em.”

By now, I was crying. Through my tears I told them, “now you can never say you have not felt the love of God.”