I finally FELT what I was looking for…

These were the words spoken by the  young man in this 2 minute video BELOW following his real life God Encounter.  After you watch the video, read his story below and be blessed!


One of our Partners is a Psychologist and has a thriving practice where free prayer is offered to patients. A young man in his 20’s (whom we led to Jesus 3 years prior) signed up for an appointment with us. He is a pharmaceutical Rep. having recently graduated from college and was diagnosed with MS 3 years prior. We were assuming he would likely be wanting healing prayer. When asked how we could best pray for him he replied, “Just do what you did last time…let’s see what God says and does!”

We began our prayer by inviting Holy Spirit into our midst. SUDDENLY God poured out from heaven a mighty presence that filled the room. Both Joanie and I tangibly felt this SO getting up from our seats, we gently laid our hands on him.

He was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit. He began shaking and speaking in another language. It was AMAZING! We also prayed for healing from MS.

After a week, we were back to pray at the office for people again (a part of our ministry while we are in South Carolina) and his mom was there. The receptionist. She couldn’t wait to tell us.

She said to us, when you all prayed for Aaron, he went home, and ran up his apartment stairs, he was so excited. He said “Mom, I realized, I just RAN up my apartment steps” something that could not be done with MS. Then he did it again. He was excited. “I thought to myself, one thing I cannot do with MS now is jump and touch the ceiling. He jumped, and jumped and jumped again!”   Praise God!!!!


Please know that after viewing the video himself, Aaron enthusiastically said to us – “Spread the Word…I’m feeling great!” Friends THANK YOU for being a part of our ministry!


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